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And it began….

Kiddos at Sanibel April 09

We made it home from Florida without much incident and were happy to have almost two days to get ready for the return to school.  My daughter spiked a fever on Sunday evening and wasn’t able to go back to preschool Monday–she was none too happy about it, either.  Other than that, things have been status quo.

Except for one little factor:  Spring Sports.

This season, my oldest decided that he reallyreallyreallyreallyreally wanted to play both soccer and baseball.  It’s his third season playing soccer and his first for baseball.  Thankfully, the practices are on different nights, but Saturdays will become the busiest day of the week for us now that we have both sports’ games. I always swore that I wouldn’t over-schedule my kids, but when it comes to my oldest and sports, if he asks I’ll let him play. If he doesn’t play something, he’s perfectly content to sit on his butt and be the laziest kid on the planet. I am less okay with that scenario than I am with him playing two sports. The added bonus is that most of the kids he plays with on both teams have younger siblings for my younger kids to play with. Yay for that!

Since sports aren’t nearly enough to keep busy, we’re still searching for a home closer to the kids’ school… In fact, the home I posted about previously is now under contract again… Only this time, we’re the ones holding the buyer position!  We’ve been keeping tabs on the house for months now and when we noticed that the home was no longer listed as under contract, we pounced.  Within 3 hours of it being placed back on the market, we had a signed contract in place.  Now we’re waiting for what seems like FOREVER for the bank to reply to our offer.  The home is a short sale, so things are taking much longer than my impatient self can handle.  Any happy thoughts you want to send our way will be well received!  🙂

With all of the above information at hand, you can imagine I haven’t been knitting all that much. In the past month I have finished a few things but just haven’t taken the time to blog them. I finally finished the rosary bags that will be given to all 18 girls in my oldest son’s class when they receive their First Communion on May 2.

Rosary Bags

Rosary Bags

I’ve handed them over to a super duper mom in our class to package them up nicely for presentation.  I can hardly wait!

My daughter asked me to make her some socks, so I made some generic toe-up socks for her using Bernat Hot Sox in Hippi Hot color:
Toe-up sox for E

I’m working on several other projects, but none have enough progress to really post about.  In fact, it’s time for me to run… gotta make it to our first soccer game in an hour!  Have a GREAT Easter weekend!


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