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Finally, some knitting!

We survived the parties.  YAY for that!  Thanks for all the compliments on the invites and such–I really appreciate it!

I promised that I’d have some knitting in my next post, and in order to not be a liar, I have a few projects to reveal.

First, a good mommy friend requested a hat last year and told me just recently that she fights her oldest daughter for that hat each cold morning.  I took this as my cue that she’d like another hat, so I inquired as to color, etc.  Voila:

Laurie's Cabled Hat

Pattern: Basic Cabled Hat (just like the first one!) from Stitch N Bitch

Yarn: Wool Ease in Fisherman, less than one ball

Needles: US7

Started: October 29, 2008

Finished: October 31, 2008

Mods: I cast on 108 sts and worked another two cable repeats before beginning the decrease rounds. (This means I knit 6 cables before decreasing.) I also switched the initial ribbing to k2p2.

Next up are more cabled hats for the younger daughters of the same mommy. These are knit using Bernat Satin in Star Dust (purple) and Flamingo (pink) on US7 needles. I started these in the Spring but became sidetracked when the weather improved!


Used the same mods on these, too.

I also finished our school principal’s shawl. I’m super duper happy with this one, but I wish it would stop bleeding!

Zephyr Shetland Triangle

Zephyr Shetland Triangle

Pattern: Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style

Yarn: Jaggerspun Zephyr 2/18 laceweight hand dyed with Jacquard acid dye #610, burgundy. Used 111 grams of the yarn, held double throughout

Needle: US8

Started: October 17, 2008

Finished: November 3, 2008

Details: I knit this with the yarn held double because I feared doing something truly lace-weight. After starting, I immediately wished I’d used maybe a US6 and gone singular. Not a big deal overall. I knit 12 body lace repeats and think it’s a great size… not too big and not too small.

I dyed the yarn with Jacquard acid dye and must have missed a step or put too much dye in or both or something. When I was finished and began the washing/blocking process, I was shocked at how much dye remained! I must have washed and rinsed a hundred times and still the water was saturated with burgundy. I boiled the shawl in a highly vinegar solution for 30 minutes and let it cool down in the same water. I washed a hundred more times. Still bleeding. I finally gave up. I’ll be giving sufficient warning to the recipient when I hand it over on Friday morning.

Before washing and blocking, the shawl measured 23 x 50″ and after a decent but not too severe blocking, it measured in at 32 x 64″.

In other news, the school auction was a fun time, for sure. It was held this past Friday. We bought several things we really wanted and the school reaped the benefit. The best item, by far, was the second grade project. Two moms worked so hard to get a project done for each of the 10 classes we have at the school. This is the second grade item:

2nd grade project

Each student painted a glass circle and the moms put them all together to create a wonderful keepsake. I wish my photo really showed it’s true beauty. The sun hasn’t been hanging around much in our neck of the woods, so this was the best I could muster. I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled we are to have won it. Now I just need to hang it up!

I have a couple of other small projects to tell you about, but I’ll save them for another day. I’m running a bit short on material lately!


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I have a girly girl. A very girly girl. She wants princesses. Anything and everything princess. I initially wanted to send out invites for her party that were kinda neutral because she has a large number of boys in her class, but decided she wouldn’t be as happy with that as she would with princess. And really, isn’t the party for her?  I came up with the Sleeping Beauty dress because in the movie the fairy godmothers argue over the dress being pink or blue. Pink for girls, blue for boys. Voila.

All Invites

Boy Invites

Girl Invites

She’s thrilled with them, and honestly I am, too! I know they aren’t perfectly professional but I really love how they turned out.

After finishing the invitations, I moved on to making the Thank You cards.  I know, it’s a bit premature to work on those several weeks before the party, but since I knew I’d need them and since I knew my time would be at a premium because of the upcoming school auction, I was trying to be prepared.  Like a Girl Scout, you know?

E's Thank You Cards

The next thing to consider was the small favors to send in with the birthday girl on the Friday before her actual birthday…  We have several allergies in her classroom to contend with, so since we just had Halloween and the kids are all sugared up, I chose a (semi) nutritious fruit snack to stick inside these little favor boxes that E picked out at a craft store.

E's school favors

As I mentioned above, we invited her entire class of 15 kids, plus a couple girls she really likes who are not in her class… a total of 18 kids including her.  When I was sending the invites out, I was thinking that there was no way all 18 kids would come.  No way.

I was wrong. Every child we invited accepted and arrived ready to play!  Several of the moms stayed to help, much to my pleasure!  Thanks, Laurie, Karen, Elizabeth, Phyllis, Gail, and everyone else I can’t remember right now!

The kids spent the better part of two hours running back and forth between the KidZone play area and the party room.  Since the party was mid-afternoon, we decided to do a cupcake decoration instead of a meal and big cake.  I frosted ahead of time because I figured we could minimize mess that way.  I wasn’t entirely right, but it went ok.

Cupcake Tiers

We weren’t able to corral all the kids at once, so we did the decorating in two waves, of sorts.  Below is the first wave.  Birthday girl never stopped long enough to have her cake, let alone have Happy Birthday sung to her!  It’s a good thing the kids are young and didn’t get caught up in the more traditional details!

Decorating & Eating Cupcakes

All told, it didn’t matter that there were 22 kids under age 5.  (we ended up with a couple of siblings staying, too!)  The kids all had a great time, especially the birthday princess.  Mommy and Daddy may need an extended vacation, but that’s to be expected, right?  😉

To make things even better,  I was able to make use of the extra pirate-themed favors from T’s birthday party last month and I’m now in the wonderful position of not having a thousand extra pieces left from multiple birthdays.  YAY!  Pirates and Princesses.  What a great pairing, huh?  hahaha

I’ll say this… Her class is full to the brim with extraordinarily generous families.  I’m almost embarrassed to post what she received, but I will anyway.

The Haul

Since we didn’t do the cake at the party, we did that at home.  Birthday girl finally got her song and a great cake.  And of course, the addition-based candles!

5th Birthday Cake

I promise to have some knitting content in my next post.  I’ve actually completed a couple of things! For now, I’m going to sit. For a long while.

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