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They’re Here!

Meet Larry:

Larry —-> Larry

And Rocky:

Rocky —> dsc_4416.jpg

(click on real pics for larger in Flickr)

I’d say the kids came pretty close in their renditions! We adopted these guys from a local Humane Society two days ago and were able to pick them up after their little ‘fixing’ surgery this morning. They are absolutely adorable and cuddly and we all can’t wait until they can be let out to roam the entire house!! The kids are VERY anxiously awaiting the kitties sleeping on their beds with them…. It’s very cute, but difficult to explain that it’s going to be a while before they can jump high enough to get in the beds.

Have a great weekend!


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Coming soon…

Larry Rocky

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Crochet… EEK!

DSC_4374, originally uploaded by theknittingelephant.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I crocheted this thing before my daughter was born!!

I’m doing this more of a test run to see how the whole BLOG THIS feature works with Flickr. Apparently I am working with a horribly steep learning curve on most everything lately. Hang in there with me while I figure stuff out!

ETA:  If anyone can dumb-up the instructions on how to blog more than one pic to an entry, I sure would appreciate the help!

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Well, Hello and Welcome!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope this blog will run smoothly for everyone and I’m REALLY hoping that now I’ll be able to respond to any comments you guys are so kind to leave me. I tried loading that Haloscan thingy to my Blogger account and I lost all my comments (as expected) but never received the two comments posted after I added the scanning thingamabopper. So I un-uploaded it and went back to the original and lost the two new comments… anyway, here I am. I hope to be posting some knitting in the next day or two, so come again!


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A couple of FOs

I finally finished my dad’s scarf, but I can’t really post pics here because he could stop by and the whole birthday surprise would be ruined. To make matters worse, his birthday isn’t until November. Stay tuned–I’ll post sometime this year, I promise! For those of you (you know, all 2 readers!!) who are part of Ravelry, stop by my projects page and take a look–there are several pics there. For the other person who reads this, I followed the One Row Handspun Scarf pattern as posted by the Yarn Harlot herself using some Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted. I added a couple of stitches since my dad wanted a bit larger a scarf, and used up 2 hanks of the Lorna’s. Size 8 Addis. Started it in late April–embarrassed to admit that!!

I also buckled down and finished a pair of socks using some Lion Brand Magic Stripes I’ve had in the stash for a loooooong time. I thought they’d knit up into some fun, funky colored socks that wear like iron, but instead they knit up into what I consider the FUGLIEST pair of socks I’ve ever encountered. They’ll presumably still wear like iron, though. What can I say? They were cheap. And they used up stash yarn. Bonus!

Anyway, here is a pic of the socks for chuckles:

Take care and enjoy your Sunday!

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An odd short note…

I am trying hard to reply to each commenter here because I really appreciate the compliments and traffic! I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get an email address input so that when a comment is left for me I can actually reply directly back instead of hunting them like I would hunt wild game. Not that I hunt…. 🙂 I have been able to follow up on most comments through the blogger profile, but only to those of you who have email contacts listed on your profile or blog. If I haven’t replied, it isn’t because I don’t want to or don’t appreciate you–I just can’t find you. So to speak.

I have searched the blogger help files and forums to no avail, so if anyone out there can help me, Man Oh Man would I ever appreciate it!!

Thanks and have a great day!

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FO: Cabo Hoodie

I started this little hoodie 4 times before it finally worked as well as I could manage. I have no doubt this is due to my own ignorance when it comes to top-down knitting and nothing at all to do with the pattern!

The first attempt I misread the increase instruction and had to rip back to the beginning. The second attempt I realized that the neck opening was nowhere near large enough to fit over my son’s ginormous head. I tried adjusting the opening on my third attempt–didn’t work. So I ripped back again and voila! I have to say that I won’t be making more top-down for this son since his head is so large. I prefer bottom-up for him. Go figure.

So here are the specs:

Pattern: Cabo Hoodie by Wendy Bernard of Knit & Tonic

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease in Ranch Red, almost exactly 2 balls for size 2

Needles: Size 8 Knit Picks options for 18 sts and 24 rows over 4″

Mods: I added addl stitches for the back section at cast on so it would fit over my son’s head, then decreased them in the body section after the sleeve sts were put on waste yarn. I also did k2p2 ribbing instead of k1p1 and skipped the pocket since my not-quite-2-year-old would probably just rip it off while playing anyway. 🙂

Started (the last time) June 18 and Finished June 21 early morning… I couldn’t manage to stay up and finish the grafting last night!!

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