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Baby Gift Set Complete.

These are all items I’ve mentioned in previous posts at least in passing… The lot of items will go to my daughter’s ballet teacher sometime this next week.


Included are the following:
Cabled Baby Hat in Louisa Harding Kasmir Aran
Garter Yoke Baby Cardigan in Lion Brand Baby Soft
Easy Baby Blanket with Lace Option in Lion Brand Baby Soft
Baby Bell Bottoms in Rowan Wool Cotton

I added little silver grommets to the bell bottoms so the holes wouldn’t get too worn too quickly. I’d have rather used a pink color, but I couldn’t find any so the silver had to do. I think it gives the pants a more finished look, though. I sure hope she likes the stuff and that it fits the baby girl at least once before winter’s out. 🙂


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I did it again

I was very nervous about the start of school for my daughter.  She didn’t take the move too well and became overly clingy and worried that my husband and I wouldn’t be in her sight at all times.  It got so bad that I consulted the pediatrician.  She started kindergarten like a big girl and didn’t cry at all… even in class.  I know because I asked her teacher each day.  She began last week with me dropping her older brother off, parking the car, and walking her up to the door myself.  This week, she asked if she could walk up with her brother, but not me.  I was so proud that she was gaining the courage and confidence to do this that I nearly jumped for joy!!  She leaped out of the car and bounded up to the school, only glancing back once to be sure her brother was close behind.  She even held the door for him!

I cried.

I’m just a big ol’ baby.  Something about watching a 5 year old walking up to the school alone, confident and excited, makes my mommy brain think that they don’t need me anymore.  I know that’s not true, but don’t try reminding me at oh, say, 7:25 am on a school day, ok?

So, on to some knitting. We have a neighbor with the cutest little boy whose birthday is just around the corner. I figured that was the perfect excuse to knit the Get Ziggy sweater from AnnyPurls.  I had some stash (go figure!) and thought a nice blue color would go well with baby Jack’s eyes.

Get Ziggy Sweater

I used a little less than one ball of Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn in Dark Country Blue on US7 & US8 needles for the 12 month size.

Then school began and I needed a water bottle sock for my daughter…


I used some oddments of Wool Ease in Azalea Pink and Cream on US7s.

My daughter’s ballet teacher is expecting her first, a girl, in November… I knit this little Garter Yoke Baby Cardigan in Baby Soft on US5.

And here are the buttons:

After that, I finished the Libby Sweater for my 10 year old niece in Colorado… Lord I hope it fits her!

The color is washed out in the picture. I used Plymouth Encore Worsted in #514 (blue) and 449 (pink) and Patons Decor in Sage Green on US7s. I adjusted the pattern for gauge… you can see all my notes on Ravelry if you so desire.

And last but not least, I went to the school yesterday with my younger kiddos and met with another mom. She saw my daughter’s water bottle sock and sortakinda asked if I had made it and eluded that she might like them for her middle kids. Not one to disappoint, I went stash-shopping and came up with these for her daughter and son. I hope they like them!


I used Wool Ease in Ranch Red and Black for the one and Plymouth Encore in 449 pink and Cascade Superwash #851 lime green for the other.

I hope you’re having a fantastic week wherever you are. I plan to be back soon with more knitting, but refuse to make any promises! 🙂

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