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Lots of knitting to report

I can’t say I’ve been knitting a whole lot in the past two weeks because Sparkles the puppy has devoured most of my attention and patience…  However, I knit a bunch of stuff over the first couple months of school and never reported them!

I finally bought the book “Knitalong” because I had seen so many projects in Ravelry that were way cool.  One of which is the pinwheel blanket.  I have lots of acrylic yarns and wanted to put some to good use, so I’ve made two so far.  Both are made of Lion Brand’s Pound of Love using bubble gum pink, denim, and white.



A fellow kindergarten family had their second baby so I whipped up a little bunny buddy using cotton ease remnants for her:

After making a Scamp the Dog for a school friend’s daughter, I was asked by all 3 of my kids to make one for each of them, too:
DSC_9219 DSC_9227 DSC_9233

I decided I’d use some of my stash to make myself a Flora hat, but once it was done it just didn’t look good on me so I gave it to a friend who ADORES hats! She looks really good in it, and her daughters have stolen it often to wear to school.


The same friend I gave the Flora hat to has a coworker going through chemo for breast cancer. I felt like the best I could do was give her a chemo hat of sorts, so I made a Hurricane Hat using some bright pink Malabrigo.


I made a little boheme for a good friend’s 2 year old daughter:


And since I was on a roll with stash-buster knits, I made a tiny little newborn sized Pebble Vest:


Then I learned that one of my oldest son’s teachers is going to be a grandma for the first time in March-ish and I had to make some baby knits for her. I haven’t given these to her yet, but plan to when the Christmas Break is over.


And as a gag-gift for the IVF doctor who helped us get our littlest son 4 years ago, I made these:

My husband’s work associate unexpectedly had a baby 2 months early, so I made a little preemie blanket for him.


And a preemie cardigan that he’ll hopefully be able to wear once he heads home:

Finally, my oldest son asked for a new water bottle because he was finishing the little one too quickly at school, so this meant he needed a new bottle cozy to keep the condensation off his desk. We came up with this:

Apologies that the picture quality is terrible, but when the sun has been out, I’ve not had the time to get pictures taken. If you’re interested in any of the details of any projects, almost everything is noted in Ravelry on my projects pages.  I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Big News!

I mentioned about a month ago that we’d have some big news coming…  that news is this:

We have a new family member!!

Her name is Sparkles, she’s 8 weeks old, and she’s perfect!

Here’s what happened:  One Saturday evening, there wasn’t much on TV…  until we noticed that Marley & Me was showing.  I knew this movie was sad, but didn’t know exactly why or how until I was sobbing almost uncontrollably while watching it.  I didn’t realize that the movie was going to be one of the funniest I’ve seen, either.  I laughed so hard I almost made a mess of myself, then the laughter turned to sobs.  Many times.

Anyway, the movie was over and the hubby was laughing at me for being such a wuss about the sad parts.  This turned to conversation about when we should get a dog and how it’d probably be just like the movie because we have the worst luck in the world with pets, etc, etc.  The next day, I inexplicably found myself googling golden retriever breeders and golden retriever pups and multiple other variations of the same thing.  (Yes, I know Marley was a Lab, not a Golden, but we prefer the fur on a Golden to the porcupine quills of the Lab)  I emailed some of my findings to the hubby… figured if I ‘forced’ him to do the calls and searching that he’d decide against a puppy right now.

I was wrong.

On Monday, I was scheduled to visit a really pregnant momma doggie and her owner/breeder with my kids.  Needless to say, we fell completely in love.  Olivia is a beautiful golden with a great temperament.  We were good to go!  Olivia had her 5 pups (one less than expected) just 3 days later.  The breeder called on Friday to let us know that she did not have a pup for us.  The 5 she had were accounted for, and she had been expecting 6.  Explained she was sorry and sometimes this happens.

I was bummed.  So bummed that I didn’t tell the kids about the call at all.  It’s a good thing I didn’t because on Saturday, the breeder called and had a pup available because someone backed out.  WOOOHOOOO!  So we became the proud parents of a golden retriever pup.

I’d suggest skipping Marley & Me unless you’re in the mood for a new ‘baby’ in your family… or if you’re less susceptible to reverse-psychology than I am.

Welcome to the family, Sparkles!

P.S.  I know I’ve promised knitting and Cruise details and haven’t fulfilled that promise.  I apologize.  I suggest NOT holding your breath for the info at this time!  I’m spending most of my time chasing after an adorable little puppy for now.  🙂

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