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Getting Settled

Miraculously, we met the moving deadline.  Since then we have become much busier than ever before.  Our neighbors ROCK!  This is an excellent thing because the neighborhood we moved from was, simply put, the WORST I have ever lived in.  Ever.  In 4 states and almost 33 years.   Anyway, our cool new neighbors brought us a welcome coffee cake that was yummy-yum-yummity-yum, then this past Saturday they threw a party to welcome us and allow us to meet some of the folks we hadn’t yet.

Grandpa w/the boys

So since moving, we have (in no particular order) had my dad out for a visit (see above pic), played 5 baseball games, had 3 baseball practices, 4 ballet practices, played 4 soccer games (won 3 of them!), tried out for and been accepted onto the travel soccer league for U9 boys, finished preschool with a fantastic program, had 3 soccer practices, attended the Nascar Funny Car races in Joliet, finished a soccer season, prepared for an upcoming ballet recital, unpacked most of a home, installed closet shelves for all of our linens (YAY!) had mudroom cabinets installed, hung the stained glass we bought at the school auction last year, decorated the kids’ bedrooms (except for painting them,) met a whole bunch of great neighbors, participated in a community garage sale, played at friends’ homes–new and old, and had several kiddos over to our house–sometimes all at once.  I do believe there is more for that list, but I don’t recall at the moment since my head is spinning at an alarming rate!

Thick as thieves

You might notice one major thing is missing from this list.  Knitting.  I didn’t even pick up the needles until about a week ago.  For the first time, I had ZERO desire to knit.  I was so intently focused on unpacking and getting settled that even knitting didn’t stand a chance!


Since I don’t have any knitting to show, I’m just populating the post with various pics of the kids. I can’t believe how fast they’re growing up. It’s not right. Just not right at all. 🙂


I’m hoping to be back on the blogging front more often now, but depending how things go I may give it up entirely. It’s not like I’m Wendy or Wendy, afterall!


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