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It fits!  It fits!  It finally fits!


Thank you Elizabeth Zimmermann!  You’re a genius!

Pattern: Ganomy Hat from Knitter’s Almanac

Yarn:  Moda Dea Washable Wool in Plum, ~.75 ball

Needles:  Size 8 (5.00mm)

Started October 28 and Finished today, Oct 30… would have been sooner if I could have found the right size dpns!

I love this pattern and will definitely make more, soon, since my oldest son requested one to match his winter coat.  The yarn is pretty cool, very smooshy and comfy, but way overpriced in my opinion.  I was lucky to find it at Joann where I could use the 40% coupon because I’m cheap frugal with my knitting funds.

Thanks for all the votes of confidence, they certainly helped.  🙂


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It’s Cursed!

The hat I’ve been trying to make for my daughter is cursed. I’m sure of it. Because if the hat’s not cursed, I’ll have to admit that I’m an idiot! I’ve now completed two, count them, TWO, hats that do not fit my daughter’s head. And I’ve done so with her nearby to try those hats on as I’m making them. I don’t really understand how this has happened. So I went ahead and cast on for another hat. For my daughter. I figure if I keep trying I’ll eventually make one that fits her. Preferably before winter hits.


This was going to be a Hello Kitty type hat, but since it doesn’t fit her head, I’m not spending the time trying to embroider it!

We also have leased a new minivan and I was so happy that I had to knit myself a little coin bowl to felt up… Yeah, that didn’t work so well. Apparently this was not a very successful knitting weekend.

Before felting:


After felting:


It’s not terrible, but I should probably give it another run through the machine. It’s pretty floppy… I figure it doesn’t really matter since it’s for coins. What the…

I hope to post FOs of a couple more things this week, but we’ve got at least two Halloween parties to contend with, so I’m not counting on much knitting time.  Did I forget to mention that tomorrow is hubby’s birthday, too?  Sheesh, fall is busy!

Be back soon…

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I apologize for the absence. It’s been so busy around here with birthday parties and pumpkin farms and general life type stuff that I haven’t blogged. I have been able to finish a few languishing projects though, and I’m finally here to present them to you.

First, there’s the cabled hat I attempted for my daughter… one to match her sparkly new down coat for the winter:


The pattern is the Basic Cabled Hat from Stitch N Bitch using Vanna’s Choice in Purple. I only chose it for two reasons. 1) it matched perfectly in color and 2) it’s machine washer and dryer friendly. I HATE IT. It’s been sitting on the dryer waiting for the cats to take it and rip it to shreds for me. I need to redo this in a better yarn, larger, too. Apparently I don’t know the size of my kiddos heads!

Next, Captain Underpants:


Pattern can be found here.

I used scraps of Pound of Love in white for the underpants, Wool Ease Fisherman for the body/limbs, and Wool Ease Ranch Red for the cape. My embroidery skills leave something to be desired, for certain. He’s about 7″ tall, from head to toe. I knit him up on size 3 US (3.25mm) needles.

Next is the first ‘Vog On sock using Wollmeise in Dornroschen:


You’ll notice this is a WIP photo. I have indeed finished the first sock, but I’m not sure about it’s fate. I don’t like how it turned out on the whole. It’s not the yarn and it’s not the pattern, so it must be me. I have cast on for a standard plain Jane sock using the same yarn… if it turns out that I’m in love with the result, this Vog On sock may well be ripped and either re-knit into a plain Jane mate or into socks for my daughter. Stay tuned.

Yet another item up for display:



Yuletide Gnome by Alan Dart. The pattern was published in a UK Simply Knitting Magazine supplement that you can order from them by postal mail. Check here for details on how to order.

I used Wool Ease in Oxford Grey, Ranch Red, and Fisherman and also Fun Fur in White. The gnome was knit on size 2.5 (3.00mm) needles and the beard on size 10 (6.00mm). While sitting, he’s about 12″ tall, actual height from tip of hat to bottom of boots is ~16″… This is from the largest instruction and was made for hubby. In fact, he didn’t stop pestering me daily until I finished the guy off last night!

And finally, the Elefante toy is done!




The pattern can be found here (pdf) for free.

I started this poor fellow back in late July, but couldn’t get his ears done because I can’t crochet. I finally took my Last Minute Knitted Gifts book out last night and copied the ears from the elephant toy in there, changing the seed stitch to garter stitch. I really like how they turned out and I’m very happy to chalk him off to the FINISHED side of the tally board! He’s about 7″ head to tail and about 5″ tall.

I’m still working on the Hubby Hybrid sweater, but because he was so insistent that I finish the gnome for him, work on the sweater has been put aside for a week or so. I also have a few (ok, more than a few) things in the queue that will probably take precedence over the sweater again because winter is coming at us fast here in Chicagoland. The weather has definitely shifted and there’s a chill in the air. Daughter needs a hat and mittens, Hubby has requested this hat in time for Halloween (hello? that’s next week!) and my youngest son NEEDS a handknit blanket from mommy, right?! 🙂 Dang Ravelry, anyway. Every time I think I’m good and have a nice little list of things I really want to make, I log in and see something else I would like to make.
Have a great day and check back soon for more little FOs!


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He’s done! Seaming actually took a lot less time than I expected, probably because of all the mods I made. Here are some action shots from the little guy:

dsc_5017.jpg dsc_5018.jpg




Pattern: Monkey from Knitted Toys: 21 easy-to-knit patterns for irresistible soft toys by Fiona McTague

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease, 1 ball of Cocoa and ~ .5 of Fisherman

Needles: Size 6US (4.00mm)

Final Measurements: 16″ tall, 17″ arm span

Mods: I knit the arms, legs, tail, body, hands, and feet in the round to avoid seaming. If I had noticed that the face pieces were sewn onto the head, I would have knit the head in the round, too. Unfortunately, I thought otherwise and had to seam it up. No biggie. I also tried several times to get the eye piece sewn on to the head properly and finally just gave up, putting 12mm safety button eyes instead. I actually like him better this way, so it worked out perfectly. I omitted the thumb portion of the feet because it was tedious and although I like the detail the thumb gives, I also like the cleanliness of the no-thumb version.  If I were to knit this guy again, I would definitely go down at least one needle size, maybe even two. I also would see about adjusting the head/body combo to be in one piece like so many Jess Hutchison patterns are done.

I’ve already given this one to my youngest son who appears to really like him.  I am very happy with this project and hope to get started very soon on another toy project, this time for my daughter–as a Christmas gift.

I think that’s all for now.  Have a great weekend.  I’m off to celebrate my oldest son’s 7th birthday.  Sheesh.  7.   That went by quickly!

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Monkey Toy, ala Dexter

I’ve been chugging along with my Monkey Toy and am finally done with the knitting portion.  All he needs now is some seaming and stuffing and I can hand him over to my youngest son.

All you Dexter fans will appreciate what my little monkey looks like right now:


I hope with all my might to have this guy seamed up before this weekend concludes.  I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you, though.  🙂

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FO and some progress shots

It’s amazing how fast a pair of socks knits up when you only knit them while waiting in the car at school and outside while they’re playing. Fast for me, that is.


These are just generic toe-up socks using Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Potluck, dark jewel tones. I knit these using two circular needles (knit picks) which was a new thing to me. I like it. I like it lots. I just need to figure out how to do the two-circ method on cuff-down socks, too. I was having trouble with laddering on all my socks and although I seemingly tried every trick to avoid/fix the laddering, it was still there. I thought maybe if I changed to circs it would alleviate the problem. So far, it has done just that. I think my laddering is because of the sheer weight of the Knit Picks metal dpns. I LOVE LOVE the sharp tips and the smooth finish of the needles, but they’re quite heavy for small gauge knitting. Really for any gauge knitting, but it’s quite apparent to me on socks. I prefer metal to bamboo nowadays, so I suppose ladders come with the territory. For now. Everything is a give and take, right?

I also have made some minimal progress on the Vog On socks in Wollmeise:


and for those of you interested, here is a shot of the back side (the colorway is kinda hard to see within the lace)


Sorry the colors are showing so NEON-like. It’s really bright outside and that’s wreaking havoc with my red/pink colors.

I adore this yarn! It can be kinda splitty, but it’s super smooth and I love the fabric it’s knitting into. It almost feels like cotton, but without the horrible cotton-hand-ache. 🙂 I do like the ‘Vog On sock pattern, but I may just decide after this pair is done to stick with entirely stockinette boring old socks. Maybe. I actually like to wear my hand-knit socks, but my feetsies are a bit on the sensitive side. I’m fearful that this will mean that any sort of patterning on the instep will create trouble. I also love to see the colorway I’m knitting, and most (if not all) patterning diffuses the colors. We’ll see once I’ve finished this pair.

I’ve also made a decision about the hubby’s sweater. I’m not confident enough in my abilities to attempt the Luvtroja Mans Sweater right now. I just can’t see spending oodles and oodles of time on such a fine gauge sweater when I’m freaking out about the skill set I need before I’ve even casted on. Hubby has given his seal of approval on the Seamless Hybrid Sweater as presented by Elizabeth Zimmermann. As far as I’m aware, the pattern (or shall we say formula) is available in at least two of her books. It’s a very manly style, I think, and hubby agrees. I cast on the other day and carefully explained to the hubby that it’s going to be a while before I finish, but I WILL FINISH! 🙂


A turned hem. Hey, it’s progress. 🙂

And a final note, I decided to visit the frog pond with little E’s Central Park Hoodie and I haven’t restarted yet. I’ve got a few other irons in the fire for now.

I’m off to do some knitting.  Enjoy your day!

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My mail person delivered some happiness today, and Bertha is a goddess, I’m sure of it!  She made this beautiful little pouch for carrying a mid-sized WIP and I thought it was just adorable.  Perfect, in fact.  Apparently, she and the pouch weren’t seeing eye-to-eye, so I offered a good home if necessary.  (hey, I’m not above begging…)  She replied to my comment and promised to send the pouch, refusing my offer to at least pay shipping.

Lo and behold, today’s mail brought much happiness.  MUCH happiness!  More happiness than I could have possibly imagined!  Here’s what I found:


Isn’t it GORGEOUS!?!  But it felt oddly weighted.  I opened it up, because you can’t NOT open a zipped pouch…  To my great surprise and joy, I was presented with this:


What?  You can’t quite see what’s there?  Well, let me help a bit with a closer look:


This wonderful girlie sent me SOCKS THAT ROCK!  And CHOCOLATE!!  And she packaged it in A PRETTY KNITTING POUCH!!  THAT SHE MADE!!  I can’t even begin to describe how floored I was I am!  Knitterly goodness is indescribable, to say the least!

Bertha, Thank you so very much!  I appreciate this more than I can say, and we’ve had a very rough week so this couldn’t have come at a better time to help lift my spirits!  The least I can do is give you a progress shot on the ‘Vog On, Wollmeise:


It’s not nearly enough, but it’s the best I can do at the moment.  🙂  Thank you!

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