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Take a seat

It’s like someone knew we were coming so they went to the trouble of making us comfortable…


Look closely and you’ll see the built-in cup holders!

Hope you’re having a great day!


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We made it!

After an incredibly long day of travel, we have made it to Florida. The weather is so much nicer than we left… at last look, Chicagoland was anticipating 2-8+ inches of snow! SNOW! Barely missed that one! We’re in the 80s here.


I hope you’re enjoying whatever weather has been thrown your way this weekend and will try to post some fun pics over the week we’re here! 🙂

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Going for a ride…

It’s Spring Break time around here and we’re headed to Florida for some much needed relaxation and warm sunshine.  I hope to post some pics while we’re there, but won’t promise anything for fear of becoming a liar!

I will leave you with the most recent pics of the kids… they’re growing so dang fast I can’t even believe it!
The boys:

and the girl:

See you soon!

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Do you see what I see?

We did some Spring clean-up outside today and I found something…


Doesn’t look like much, does it?

But look closer…


Do you see the buds among all the icky yucky brown?! Spring is finally coming to Chicagoland!! YIPPEE!!

I hope you’re seeing some Spring-like signs in your neck of the woods, too.  🙂

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