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On April 29, we finally closed on the house we had been lusting after for months.  I am super excited and super stressed.  I didn’t pack much of anything before we closed because I was hesitant to have a packed house and nowhere to move!  We didn’t know for sure until 24 hours prior to closing that we were actually going to close! (Just a sidenote:  If you’re considering buying a short sale home, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a lot of time and a strong stomach!)

Although life had become really crazy with the addition of soccer and baseball to the schedule, it’s become evident that we were not even close to busy before the closing.  It’s also become quite evident that we own a LOT of crap.  I’m trying my best to filter the things we will never use again and create the keep, sell, donate, and trash piles with some degree of accuracy.  I will admit that I tend to keep things that really don’t need to be kept.  I don’t think I’ve quite reached the pack-rat status, but it could be I’m in denial.

I am down to about 36 hours to pack as much stuff as I can before the ‘real’ moving company comes in to do the dirty work.

One of the first things I intend to do when we’re settled is dig myself a burial plot in the yard.  I do not intend to leave this home under any other circumstances than death.  EVER.  In fact, I might just let my spirit roam free in the home once I’ve left the world!  🙂

For now, I need to get back to frantic packing so I can meet the Tuesday moving deadline!


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First Communion

Our biggest little boy is growing up faster than we’d ever expected. Yesterday was First Communion for the entire second grade class and it was amazing and sad and beautiful and lots of things I’d never anticipated.


I am so proud of you, little man!  Congratulations!

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