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Ahhh… Spring Break!



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I’m not sure who will receive this blanket, but I loved the name and the gender-neutral colors, so I HAD to knit it. 🙂

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Blanket

Pattern: Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Blanket

Yarn: Bernat Softee Chunky in Soft Taupe (1) Taupe Twists (1.25) and Natural (1.75)

Needles: size 10US (6.00mm)

Finished Size of 27″ x 27″

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Blanket

I probably could have kept knitting on this to make it larger, but I was tired of the project and just wanted it done. I do like the colors and how the stripes alternate, and that it’s super cheap at less than $20, and that it’s washable and dryable. I may end up making another and giving them to the family at school who’s expecting twins, or not. I just don’t know.

I am still working on the slithery snake toy, but really haven’t made much progress on it. We’re gearing up to go on Spring Break, so much of my ‘normal’ knitting time is being consumed by getting ready for the trip and obsessing over what we need to take and what we want to take. My goal is to fit all our essentials into one large suitcase plus the car seat bag and carry-ons. Wish me luck!

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A Babe for June!

Yeah, it’s another Babe… I can’t help myself! They’re super fast to knit and I just love the semi-creepy look of them!! This one had been finished at the very beginning of the week, but with all the busy-ness around here, I didn’t get around to sending it on to June until Thursday! I had to wait until I knew the Babe had been received before I could post about her, so that’s that.

I ‘met’ Bertha quite a while back when I was trying to rid myself of some really great, but just-not-me Rowan Yorkshire Tweed… She was looking for something to make a Central Park Hoodie. The rest, as they say, is history. Sort of. I love love love reading her blog!! Her little June is one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen (aside from my own, of course,) her knitting is absolutely gorgeous, and her writing style is really fun and enjoyable for me. I know that Bertha has a limited amount of time to do a lot of things she wants to do and she mentioned needing to make one of these Babes for June, but that she didn’t have the book. You may recall the abso-fricking-lutely adorable little bag Bertha made, hated, and sent to live with me? Along with some STR and yummy chocolate… Well, I’ve always been feeling like I didn’t deserve those things and wanted to pay her back in some small way… This is my way. 😉

June's Babe

June, I hope you love her to pieces!!

I have another couple of things in the works (when do I not?!) but I’m not quite at the point of post-worthy. Soon, I hope.

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Happy Easter and 2 FOs

First, Happy Easter to those of you celebrating today! We’re finally enjoying some sunny (but still chilly) weather and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring-like weather!

Now, the FOs…

My son is in first grade and will receive his first Holy Communion next May, along with the rest of his classmates. In some conversation with one of the moms, I was sort of/kind of asked to knit something special for the kids on that very important day. This conversation happened probably close to two months ago.

I’ve been pondering all the possible options… At this point, there are 14 girls and 9 boys in his class and there’s always the possibility of more students before the event, so this is no small feat by my standards. I toyed with the idea of little mini versions of shawls for the girls… then decided against them. I thought of veils. Or not. Then I remembered the mom mentioning something to hold the kids’ rosary beads. Perfect!

After doing lots of searching for a yarn with the appropriate weight, color, yardage, and afford-ability factor, I finally began making little prototypes. I based these little bags on various aspects of many bags I liked and this is what I ended up with. Remember, they’re prototypes and I’m sure I’ll make many changes before I’m through. I just wanted to have something solid to work with so I can knit them up as I feel the need for instant gratification… I have over a year to finish them but would prefer to have them done and at the ready, ya know?!

For the girls:

Girls' version of communion bag

And for the boys:

Boys' Version of Communion Bag

Pattern: Hodge-Podge of various drawstring bags

Yarn: Red Heart Lustersheen in white

Needles: Size 3US (3.25mm)

Beads: 6/0 glass beads from Joann… nothing special… approx 64 per bag

Size: approximately 5″ tall x 3.5″ wide

If anyone is interested, I will gladly email you the instructions I used to make these (and will use to make all the rest of my little gift bags.) I’m not planning to publish/offer the pattern on the blog because I’m completely unsure as to copyright violations and all that good stuff.

At this point, I’m very happy with the girls version, but not thrilled with the boys. I know the cross isn’t centered perfectly, but even if it were I’m not sure it’s what I’m looking for. I would love to hear suggestions from anyone out there! The only stipulation I have is to keep it simple since there are many to be made.

I hope you all have an excellent day with friends and family. I have other knitting to show you, but I need to be sure I’m not spilling the beans with a post, so it’ll have to wait a bit longer. 🙂

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FO: A Babe for my daughter

After knitting the first babe for my friend’s daughter Kaitlyn (who named her new dolly ‘Kristi’) I was asked by my daughter when I was going to knit her dolly. Not one to disappoint, I cast on almost immediately for her little babe doll. I tried to keep this one secret from my daughter, so that meant I could only knit her at night.

E's Dolly

I followed the same pattern as before and made a swimsuit again because my daughter was so happy about Kaitlyn’s.

E's Dolly

Here’s a picture from the back so you can see all the hair.

E's Dolly's Hair

I used some of the massive amount of Jojoland fingering weight wool for the hair. Don’t ask how I got so much hair on her head. You really really don’t want to know!

If you make this dolly, I’d suggest using the sturdier felt for the eyes and mouth. I used the softer stuff on Kristi and the sturdier stuff on this one and there’s a HUGE difference in both ease of sewing it and it’s potential wear-ability.

I like how this dolly’s eyes turned out much better than the first babe and I think it’s because of the sturdier felt.  Judging from the reception of these dollies, I’d guess I’ll be making more in the not too distant future!

Have a great weekend!

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FO: A Babe for Kaitlyn

The backstory:

My best friend who lives in Arizona has a 4 year old daughter who calls me her aunt. I have made a few little things for her and whenever I send a picture of a finished toy to her mom (my friend) Kaitlyn sees the pictures and decides that she needs whatever it is I have just finished.

Apparently, Kaitlyn and her mommy were talking and little Kaitlyn innocently told her mommy that “It’s about time for aunt Stacee to make me a toy.” It was so cute that I couldn’t not send something, so I cast on for Sally, the eco fairy. After working on Sally for what seems like months, I didn’t feel like I had made much progress. So little progress that I was starting to think I wouldn’t be able to part with Sally once she was done. (assuming she ever is done) Keeping this in mind, I began searching Ravelry for some quick-to-knit toys that I thought would be appropriate for a 4 year old girl. I found La La (La LaRavelry link) and had to have at least one of my own!

Enter Kaitlyn’s Babe:

Kaitlyn's Babe

Pattern: How to knit the babes from Knitted Babes

Kaitlyn's Babe

Yarn: Red Heart Super Savers in Aran, Wool Ease in Cocoa for the hair, and Patons Astra in Lip Pink for the hair ties and swimsuit.

Kaitlyn's Babe

Needles: Size 4US

Started March 6, 2008

Finished March 8, 2008

Back side of swimsuit

(backside of swimsuit)

Modifications: Very few. I almost knit her in the round, but because I’ve been getting some really bad ladders on my toys I opted to stick with flat and seamed. I also thought having a flat ‘canvas’ would help me get the face how I wanted it. I opted to use a heavier weight yarn because I had it handy and my son and I have an agreement that I will not buy any yarn until Lent is over. (Does that mean I have a problem with yarn-buying?!) I really like this little doll and it’s basic-ness. My daughter saw me thumbing through the book and began immediately placing her orders! 😉

For grins, here is Sally in progress:


I’m sure I’ll finish her soon enough.

I also seem to be experiencing a little WIP excess:

DSC_5772Swirl BlanketDSC_5770

The blanket is much larger than shown in this photo, but it is a really boring knit! That makes it perfect for TV or car knitting, though. Sally has been pushed aside for the time being. Knitting her hurts my hands. The snake is waiting for a couple short circular needles so I can eliminate at least two of the severe ladders by knitting on two circs. Any guesses how many more projects I cast on for this week?!

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