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And we’re immediately back into the swing of outdoor soccer season!  My daughter is playing her first season this year and my oldest son hasn’t yet stopped.  He had a two month break (Nov-Dec) and began indoor games in January.  Two more of those before the outdoor games start, but practice is full-on, baby!  Just in case you’re not from around here, this is what Spring soccer season looks like in Chicago:


And because she’s just so dang cute, here’s a few pictures of Sparkles the dog. She’ll be 6 months on the 13th… she’s such a great dog!
If the above picture isn’t the epitome of a golden retriever, I don’t know what is!
A profile shot

and the “Pose”
Isn’t she gorgeous?!

Hope wherever you are, you’re enjoying the spring weather!


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First Communion

Our biggest little boy is growing up faster than we’d ever expected. Yesterday was First Communion for the entire second grade class and it was amazing and sad and beautiful and lots of things I’d never anticipated.


I am so proud of you, little man!  Congratulations!

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